Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Trouble With Starting Over

In Portland, during the summers when I wasn’t working (but still getting paid, which is infinitely better than not), I spent a lot of time hanging out with my girlfriends. We’d get coffee, see a movie, go to a happy hour, or shop.

The one thing that has kept me from going completely nuts moving to a new town is that I do have a few old friends in the area, good friends from college and high school. I’m not working, Matt works from home, and we haven’t found a church, so if it weren’t for the relationships I already had, then I’d be one lonely girl. Poor lonely Nicole.

The other day, Matt and I went to lunch together. This cute girl sat across from us, and I mentioned our friend Dave should ask her out. (Never mind the fact that we no longer live in the same town; it’s just an old habit, I suppose.) Then I said that I wanted to be friends with her for several reasons.

1) We were both eating at a vegan restaurant, so maybe we have similar food habits.
2) She had bangs. There is something about bangs on a person that makes me automatically like them. It’s like we could sit around and dream about the 60s together.
3) I wanted to wear her clothes, which means she would be a good shopping friend.

I jokingly told Matt I wanted to ask her to hang out, and he laughed loudly and said NO. But seriously, how awkward would it be if I went up to her and asked to hang out? So awkward.

It’s tough making new friends. Therefore, if you are a friend of mine, please just relocate yourself to my neighborhood. It’s quite cute.
In other news, I found a piece of diced onion in my clean laundry last night. How’s that for living the domestic life?


Spring said...

Nic, you totally should've asked this girl out. You were clearly with your husband, so she wouldn't think you were hitting on her! Don't listen to Matt. If you walked up to me and asked to be my friend, I'd be utterly ecstatic.

In other news, I'm getting bangs Saturday. Woot.

jessica said...

So much about this situation is like asking someone out on a date. So terrible and awkward. Like you have your hands in your pockets, staring down at the ground while digging a hole in the dirt with your shoes…."UmYeahHiSoUmDoYouMaybeWantToBeMyFriend?"

Kathleen said...

Well, I'm a lot closer to you than I used to be. :) We'll have to make a trip a few hours north someday.

I had bangs once a few years ago. I liked them okay, but David thought I looked like a different person. He implored me to never get bangs again. Sad face.

Katy said...

I'm really glad I live somewhat close to you now. Also, you should have asked her out. What could be wrong with that? The only trouble would be (much like Gurley's experience would SURELY have been) if she had turned out to be in high school.

Ann said...

I made a friend this way recently. It was great, and I was so flattered that she wanted to hang out with me. Making new friends is a lot like dating anyway.

Laura said...

I'll be your friend!!!!

Stefanie said...

Hey Nicole! I found your blog on Mel's blog site. I think you should definitely start blogging again! I can't wait to hear your funny motherhood stories. :-)